Looking for experts to manage and recruit for your solar or renewable energy project?

At Solar Train, we provide industry expertise in managing large-scale solar panel projects, and comprehensive training for workers to install and maintain renewable energy projects.

We provide the right people to power your project.

Our approach is two-pronged:

Experienced project management and consultation

With extensive experience in renewable energy projects in Australia and the UK, our team can oversee the project management of large-scale infrastructure builds, and provide specialised guidance and training for staff. 

Sourcing and training staff

Whether you need reliable project supervisors, skilled managers, or a willing workforce to do the hard yakka, we can source and train a team of workers to deliver your project effectively and efficiently. We aim to recruit locally where possible, and we work with local suppliers to support the local economy.

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We focus on real results:

To date, our team has overseen the installation of over 1 million solar panels on two of Australia’s largest solar farm projects. Our efficient team achieved targets of over 10,000 panels per day.

Installation of over


solar panels.



of Australia’s largest solar farm projects.

Achieving targets of over


panels per day

Our decades of experience mean we can oversee large-scale projects, and consult on the best approach for delivery.

Our approach is site-specific – every project is different, so we’ll tailor our approach to ensure the workforce understands the methods, specifications, plans and safety procedures to successfully deliver your project.

Recruitment and training

We’ll recruit and train your managers, supervisors, general labourers and quality assurance teams, to ensure all are working to the highest possible standard, delivering your project with excellence.

Safety culture

In order to promote a safe workplace, we have a happy workforce and a great culture. Get on board the Safety Train and be part of the team. We will always put your safety first.

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